It’s no wonder our store name has always featured our signature strawberry. Luscious fresh fruits and vegetables were the only products when we opened in 1978, and are a mainstay to this day. Our buyers comb Detroit’s Eastern Market and produce terminal, as well as the Ontario Food Terminal daily, which means our enormous variety of produce from fruits and vegetables, fresh cut greens, specialty salads and other specialty produce items you just won’t find anywhere else reach your table so consistently fresh! We guarantee it! (If you would like a taste before you buy, you’re welcome to a sample!) And because we care about our neighbours and sustainability, we support Local Ontario farmers whenever possible and seasonally available, fostering good faith in our community while maintaining the highest quality in our foods.

Olive & Salad Bar

Don’t overlook our olive bar! Here we feature specialty items to add that special touch to any charcuterie or antipasto platter. Craving a snack or just looking for a unique topping or side to any sandwich, dish or platter. Selections such as grilled zucchini, or eggplant, feta stuffed peppers, blue cheese stuffed olives, sun dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms or roasted red peppers…just to name a few.


Our deli cases are stocked with a robust selection of the finest, highest quality deli favorites. Imported and domestic selections on hand that are carefully sliced to your specific needs. Dried, cured, smoked specialty items locally sourced such as kielbasa, ham, turkey, salami, and our most famous smoked and corned beef from Montreal. Exquisite flavours from Italy like our gourmet prosciutto, porchetta, capicollo and mortadella. We provide you with the ingredients for that perfect sandwich for school lunches or when creating that most impressive charcuterie board! Any request is filled with quick service and freshly sliced goodness. And don’t forget to try something new! We’ll be happy to offer you a sample slice!


A gourmet epicurean experience for the most discerning of tastes! We offer hundreds upon hundreds of the world’s finest cheeses from near and far! Mild to sharp, sweet to zesty, fresh to aged—we have it all! Whether you are looking to impress your guest with the most exquisite European selections or the finest local artisan treasures you are sure to find your variety here! We know you appreciate fine food and we are happy to offer samples for your indulgence, try one of our flavoured cheeses or uncommon varieties, the possibilities are endless! Whether you are keeping it mainstream or looking for exotic, your cheese platter or gourmet recipes will be complete after a stop at Fred’s!

Selections include sheep, goat, cow, buffalo, vegan, lactose-free, and low-fat!

Meat & Seafood

We specialize in providing the freshest cuts of Canadian meats available. Our meat is always fresh, never frozen. Offering freshly cut AAA steaks, roasts and chops or whole loin options. Your meat selection is always hand-cut or fresh ground and through the use of traditional recipes and innovative techniques, we guarantee to exceed your expectations!

Canadian poultry, pork and lamb—Fresh chicken breast, never pumped with additives. Whole chicken fryer or roasters, wings, thighs,drumsticks. Fresh baby back ribs offered by the slab or whole case deal pricing, whole pork loin or chops stuffed or butterflied, locally smoked low sodium bacon, and freshly sliced or whole peameal bacon. Whole lamb or lamb cuts are also available from local farms.

Choose from our hand made in house selections such as, bacon wrapped filet mignon, freshly breaded cutlets or city chicken, fresh sliced fettina, fresh cut & marinated kabobs, gourmet stuffed pork chops, stuffed chicken breasts and roasts, london broil, veal birds, mediterranean style kafta, braciole di manzo, fresh ground beef, pork or poultry, stuffed peppers, stuffed mushrooms.

We are known for our diverse selection of house made pork sausages: mild or hot Italian, Louisiana andouille, spicy chorizo, Italian garlic, honey garlic and ever changing seasonal selections. We also offer turkey and lamb sausage varieties, as well as fresh made cevapi and breakfast sausage.

Famous for our house-made specialty burgers, made from beef, pork, lamb or poultry. This includes selections such as jalapeno-cheddar, mushroom swiss, mediterranean, gyro burgers, plain beef or seasoned. Chicken, turkey and salmon burgers are also offered in an array of unique recipes.

Seafood options from wild caught to farm raised in counter such as salmon, perch, pickerel and smelt available. Local or European. Check our frozen selection for items like shrimp, muscles, calamari, octopus, and other exotic fish and seafood. Imported salted dried cod (baccala) is always available boneless or bone-in. And last but not least we are known for our fresh made Italian house recipe seafood salad! (Insalata di mare)

Ah-So Sushi

At the sushi counter, make a selection from Ah-so’s menu, fresh sushi made daily in-house by Ah-so’s own professional sushi chefs.

We’re proud to have Ah-so sushi as part of our team and we hope you stop in and experience what great sushi is all about. Freshness + quality ingredients = delicious.

You’re going to love this.


Have people to feed but no time to cook? Have no fear, lunch and dinner are always ready. Here you’ll find a plethora of ready-to-eat items and gourmet dishes prepared daily by our chefs. Great take-home meals that are ready when you are. Featuring fresh roasted chicken, grilled bbq ribs, grilled salmon, grilled vegetables, jumbo grilled chicken wings. Fresh homemade lasagna, cabbage rolls, quiches, meat pies and tourtieres. Weekly features include fresh made perogies, homemade macaroni & cheese and fresh made shepherds pie as well as many other exquisite recipes that are rotated throughout the weeks and seasons. Grabbing lunch on the run? Choose from our large variety of sandwiches and wraps-ready to go or custom made, you choose! 6 varieties of homemade soup or chili (meat or vegan) to choose from daily! And our fresh wide selection salad bar awaits you with a vast array of healthy choices.We are also known for our authentic fresh made guacamole, made in house daily!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner can easily be catered! Call to place your order for pick-up or delivery.